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I'm a professional Cooking Class Chef from Vienna. Lets cook the best Schnitzel you will ever have!

I'm Nabiel

a professional Cooking Class Chef with hundreds of happy guests, who have joined me for a Vienna Cooking Classes since 2015. On Trip Advisor, Viator and Get your Guide you can convince yourself about this unique viennese experience.

As my heart belongs to Vienna and all it's cakes and I am happy to teach you all the tricks and secrets on how to As my heart belongs to Vienna and all it's sweets and cakes, I am happy to teach you all the tricks and secrets on APFELSTRUDEL, KAISERSCHMARREN (the fluffiest of pancakes) and last but not least the best, freshest SACHERTORTE you have ever tasted – I garantee you.

The best SCHNITZEL you will ever taste is the one you make yourself. Let me show you how easy the 3-step Schnitzel making, will turn you into a imperial Schnitzel maker. As I have kept my promise every single time – IT MUST BE CRISPY AS HELL and FLUFFY AS HEAVEN

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Cooking Classes

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Nabiel's Cooking Class

You want something crispy as hell? You are going to love VIENNESE SCHNITZEL. This is Vienna’s at it’s best! Crispy, juicy and of course hot- That’s the real taste of Vienna. Parsley potatoes or homemade potato salad are the best friends of your Schnitzel. In my home kitchen I will show you all the secrets on how to get it right. I am happy to share food history and my love for organic ingredients. My Granny showed me how to make heavenly Apple Strudel so you can be part of my family’s tradition too. You can’t wait to get started? So let's get cooking and have a real good time together!

  • WIENER SCHNITZEL made from tender Austrian veal or chicken
  • Homemade heavenly APPLE STRUDEL
  • 1x glass of Austrian white wine or beer
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • € 150,00 / guest

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Naschmarkt Picnic

We start out at Vienna's culinary heart, the Naschmarkt. A tour of tasting Vienna at it’s Best! Sweet, sour, salty and of course you taste some real wine from Vienna's vinyards. This Insider tour through the Naschmarkt with all the about its history and food as you have never seen it before.We taste a variety of Austrian ham, bacon, sausage and cheese as well as a glass of wine. Should you want to book my viennese cooking class at my home kitchen, I will show you how to make the best Schnitzel ever.

  • Crispy VIENNA SCHNITZEL Sandwich
  • Austrian ham and cheese varieties, with homemade potatoe salad.
  • a glass of Austrian white wine or beer
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • € 95,00 / guest

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Strudel & Dumplings

You have seen all the sights of Vienna and you are looking for the ultimate special thing that will make your trip unforgettable. Join me for a marvellous Apple Strudel and Knoedel cooking class. Many guests around the world have made this exiting experience and left Vienna with a sweet smile. Together we bake the crispiest of Apple Strudel exactly as my Grandmother Hanni taught me. The dumplings made out of fresh cheese are rolled in butter toasted breadcrumbs and served with a traditional plum sauce.

  • We use organic fresh cream cheese
  • APPLESTRUDEL take-away slices
  • 1x cup of Viennese Coffee
  • 1x glass of Austrian Champagne
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • € 95,00 / guest

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Vienna City Tour

BIZINGER at The Albertina Palace the most famous Sausage Place in Vienna. Right next to the Vienna State Opera. Enjoy a traditional sausage only in Vienna. The cheese filled Käsekrainer is a sensation!! Passing important sights like the Imperial Palace, National Library and the Church where Empress Elisabeth married.

K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäckerei DEMEL is the heart and soul of viennese patisserie it is so famous that they have a shop in Tokio. We walk through and enjoy a delicious array of the most famous viennese bakeries you will ever see. We will definitely try the “to die for” Sacher Torte. Passing the most elegant shopping mile of Vienna

TREZESNIEWSKI - A historic shop unchanged since the turn of the last century. Simple chocolate heaven! We dive into the most stunning world of viennese chocolates and candy. (This time smell only !) We have to watch our waist!!! Passing some historic sights. The best savoury little snack sandwich place in Vienna. Trezesniewski serves an unbelievable variety of different egg based spreads on small slices of fresh rye bread. The must do combination is a sandwich and a small beer. The back and side streets and their stories are a real adventure.

  • € 95,00 / guest

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Toghether we bake one of Vienna's biggest culinary challenges - the famous SACHERTORTE - sharing all the tricks, as well as one of the secret recipes from anno 1832. This chocolate cake is moist, tender and the ultimate chocolate heaven. The most difficult thing is the special Viennese chocolate glaze, which we will master together

  • We only use organic dark chocolate
  • SACHERTORTE take-away slices
  • 1x cup of Viennese Coffee
  • 1x glass of Austrian Champagne
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • € 95,00 / guest

* A printed recipe and certificate is included for each guest, Children prices are negotiable

* By booking a class or tour you accept our Terms


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